De dashcam is een betrouwbare BOB, je gaat met een veiliger gevoel de weg op

In these times of hectic, busy and growing insecurity on the road, motorists are often short of eyes. It is not an unnecessary luxury to be supported in this by a suitable aid. The dashcam is a reliable third eye both while driving and parking. And that offers many advantages for the motorist.


  1. Image, sound, time, date and location are fixed.
  2. Evidence in traffic accidents or road abuse.
  3. Parking security.
  4. View the driving behavior of another driver in the car.
  5. Current images can always be followed via iCloud.
  6. You are assured of the correct information for the insurance.

More and more car insurers are encouraging the use of dashcams and are asking for video evidence in case of damage claims.


  • Dashcam evidence can prove beyond doubt who is to blame.
  • Claims are settled faster, meaning less hassle and costs.
  • Retention of “No Claim” discount upon proof of innocence.

A dashcam is no longer a luxury but a must!!!



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