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Do you have an Audi, but are you not satisfied with the music in your car? Go for an audio upgrade for your Audi at Car Audio Limburg. As a car audio specialist, we have experienced that the original speakers in an Audi do not deliver the results we are used to. It plays reasonably well, certainly better with the more extensive sets such as Bose or B&O, but still not at a level that makes us happy. We often miss the interplay, dynamics, finesse and ultimately the listening pleasure. Car Audio Limburg has various sound packages as a solution for this. An audio upgrade for your Audi? We take your taste and preference into account. We work with well-known brands such as Audison, Alpine, Boxmore and Match. These packages are professionally installed by us.

We not only have audio upgrades for Audi, but also for other brands. We have audio upgrade packages for BMW , Landrover , Mercedes , Porsche , Tesla and Volkswagen.


Audio upgrade Audi packages

Audi has a variety of car types, each with its own sound system. This requires tailor-made advice. The packages below are an example of the solutions we can offer you.

Sound package 1 € 799,-

  • Basic package unchanged
  • Addition of compact external  subwoofer with 800 Watt amplifier

Sound package 2 €1,749

  • Replacement  front and rear  speakers 
  • Addition DSP amplifier 
  • Addition of acoustic insulation 

Sound package 3 €2,999

  • Replacement  high end front and rear  speakers 
  • Addition high end  DSP  amplifier 
  • Addition of high-end  acoustic insulation 
  • Addition of high-end  external  subwoofer


Navigation system for your Audi

Are you not only interested in an audio upgrade for your Audi, but also in the navigation devices? Car Audio Limburg also has various navigation systems for Audi . Take a quick look and discover which one suits your car and preferences.

Are you interested in an audio upgrade? 

We are happy to help you. Contact us without obligation via the contact form below, our email address info@caraudiolimburg.nl , our telephone number +31 (0)85 273 36 25 or via WhatsApp +31 (0)85 273 36 25 . Our enthusiastic and experienced experts are happy to help you.



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