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Replacing speakers has a major impact on the listening pleasure in the car. Our philosophy is to focus on knowledge and experience, and to continuously search for the best possible set within every budget. We have already listened to, tested, installed and assessed all our online speakers countless times. Of course there is no arguing about taste, but if you are looking for an optimal balance between Auto Luidspreker Speakers Price & Quality, composed by passion for music and more than 10 years of experience, then you will find it in this category .

Car Audio Limburg has speakers for every budget . We have had the following brands of speakers in our range for years:

You can come and listen to all these brands in our showroom . So enough listening pleasure to find the right set of speakers for you.

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Are you ready for new speakers? 

You can order your favorite  speakers , or speakers for your car, at Car Audio Limburg. New speakers are often necessary to improve the sound in your car.

The original Inbouw Speakers Auto in a car may be of lower quality, causing the sound reproduction to be disappointing.

Sometimes it can be because the original radio does not have much power and therefore the sound does not improve.

In addition, a combination of low power and poor speakers also ensures an uncontrolled reproduction and little dynamics.

You especially notice this when you play good quality music files or at a higher volume; the sparkle is not there, or the speakers distort.

Choosing a good speaker set

If you want to order a good speaker set, go for one of these brands. Audison and Hertz are also the audio specialists when it comes to speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and DSP processors for boats. We are fans and that is why we sell different solutions. You can even  listen to it in detail in our showroom . These brands have a wide range of audio components in different price ranges. Ideal for you if you are looking for a speaker but want to listen to it first. Below is a selection from our range;

The benefits of Car Audio Limburg

At Car Audio Limburg you can get personal advice in various ways; for example via our  contact form , our email address  info@caraudiolimburg.nl , our telephone number 085-27 33 625 or via whatsapp +31852733625. We are happy to share our experience.


Ben je niet zo handig? Wij installeren het voor je.



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